Nature lovers

As sisters, we have very different academic and experiential backgrounds.

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Making ecology a personal and professional value, I currently organize Climate Fresco workshops in Geneva and Montreal to raise awareness about climate change. Last year, I participated in COP25 to promote this powerful tool created by Cedric Ringenbach.

Various projects ... (1) Co-founder of a startup called Dam Plastics which aims to collect qualitative datasets on riparian plastics. The pilot project is underway on the Rhone, and we plan to implement the software in the most polluted rivers thereafter (2) Lead a research paper on natural-based solutions (NBS) for climate resilience (3 ) Volunteering with Swiss Youth For Climate, I participate in the council of the Swiss cantons in their territorial climate policy (4) Being a master's student in sustainable development (SDG) with a specialization in urban transition. (5) Design of a board game for climate action with the UNIGE FabLab.

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Making health a personal and professional quest, I have adapted the use of my energy healing tools for energy structures that are visibly larger but as complex as the human body.

I use this powerful weft tool, created by Patrick Burensteinas in order to increase the flow of energy in the structural body for optimal functioning and to help re-focus its resilient positioning. The homeostasis of a body is the return to balance.

Various projects ... (1) Make a film on sustainable development and the relationship between interior ecology and exterior environment. (2) Writing new stories, Un bébé Collection - A story about awarenesses to teach tomorrow's babies (3) Writing Second novel

Unite the inside and the outside

Take care of the living ...



On the strength of our personal and professional convictions, in this year 2020, we had the desire to work together in order to bring our knowledge and skills to those who want it. There is strength in unity and we are convinced of the possibilities for development that we all have in common. Exploring our inner natures should be a route to be crossed with the care to be taken in the protection of our natural environment so that we live in harmony.

Let's work and share our tools for the common good ...