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" The Climate Fresco "

is a fun, participatory and creative workshop to better understand the challenges of climate change.

Based on collective intelligence, this extremely educational workshop allows you to learn a lot in a very short time about the climate and the cause-and-effect links between the different components of climate change.

La Fresque du Climat is aimed at both novices and connoisseurs and is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in the subject

  • Those working on subjects related to ecology, the environment, the climate and wishing to deepen their knowledge

  • Companies: to employees wishing to place these subjects at the center of their debates in order to understand the future and engage the vision of evolution of their company

  • Students keen to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow (children: a junior version also exists)

The objective: Understand the challenges of the climate in order to adapt one's lifestyle in full awareness.


  • Round table

  • Realization of the fresco in group

  • Emotions debrief & discussions on possible solutions to put in place

Contact :

for setting up a workshop within your structure


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